Friday, March 17, 2017

The Scale Does Not Own Me

This morning I went in for my weekly weigh-in sure to see a good loss...I mean I ate healthy snacks allllll week!  But down .4 lbs. was not really what I had wanted to see.  So I'm trying really hard to not let that number put me in a negative mood.  The scale can only measure one thing...the scale can't measure that I finally wore a pair of jeans that fit me before pregnancy last night...the scale can't measure that I've lost over an inch on each arm...the scale can't measure that I had more energy this week while I exercised despite staying up all night with a sick baby...the scale can't measure that my wedding ring fits better and doesn't give me claustrophobia to wear it anymore!

So if you're like me and your weigh-in is not quite what you wanted, remember the scale really only measures one thing.  And that one thing is just a number.  Keep making healthy choices, keep trying, keep being consistent...results will come over time.  Trust your body and trust the process!  (I'm writing this for me more than anyone else).     


  1. I totally agree!! Dont let the scale ruin your postive attitude and your achievements!! You are doing great!!

  2. Good attitude. Inches are going to come off faster than pounds at times (Although I hate the people that drop 10 pounds by taking the stairs and not the elevator). Takes time for your body to adjust and drop the weight.