Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Last week was really a struggle for me!  I was really tempted to throw in the towel! So far this week has been better (yes I know its only tuesday haha) Yesterday I tackled my nemesis the treadmill!
I know sounds easy but I did a 10% incline (which I have never done) treadmill gives me shin splints
every time unless I work up to it by walking outside enough before I start.  I really want to be able to
hike Angels Landing this weekend with my family but I'm not sure if I can make it without having to
carried out on a stretcher lol!!  Wish me Luck I am sure going to need it!


  1. Angel's Landing will be awesome! You'll have to post a picture from the top.

  2. Don't throw in the towel yet! But that is why we all pre-pay