Saturday, March 25, 2017

PiYo and sunshine

This week I tired the work out video called PiYo... and.... I liked it! Suprise!! Im not much for the video work outs just because I spend more of my time laughing at the lead work out person than I do actually working out, but I guess you burn calories laughing so win win I suppose!

Aside from my new workout, my personal goal this week was to let go of my negativity and look for the positive. I have been incredibly hard on myself especially since having my baby Clara. I hated my body for not bouncing back, I hated that I couldnt play volleyball like I used too, I was frustrated and constantly staring at myself in the mirror wishing that my body is different. It wasnt healthy. So I tried this week to turn toward the blessings in my life and what in thankful for in myself instead of beating myself up. It has helped but it hasnt been perfect, I hope to continue to let go of the things I lack and look to the good in myself! So I will continue to look for the sunshine in my life! Good luck to everyone for the next week!


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  1. That's a great goal! Clara is still so little, and you are bouncing back more and more everyday! You look great! Keep it up.