Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fail to Plan... PLAN to fail...

I had a five day road trip with my family to San Diego and I was doing such a great job with my water challenge week 1 that I just knew I could manage on vacation too. I planned my meals, packed my snacks, kept plenty of water handy and refilled (plus potty) at EVERY stop whether I felt like water or not.  Days 1-3.5 went really rather well, I was honest in every bite I took on my Lose It app so I was staying in my calorie range and loving getting to take a run on the beach. I even got crazy and used my workout band in the car (Kids were DYING)....

But here's the kicker, my best laid plans were good for me and not my add-on kids who of course enjoyed my healthy snacks, drank my water mix-in (I'd planned one a day) and by the last day headed home I was out of my go-to's, not one hard-boiled egg left, no yogurt or string cheese, not a bite of jerky or apple with P. butter in sight.  In hind-sight I should have just hit Walmart before we left town, but always anxious to get on the road I just thought I'd wing it... wing it into a tailspin of calorie blow-out, trail mix gone wild, PB & J on that fabulous Grandma Sycamore bread,  and hand over whatever snacky salty thing your eating because I'm starving again, bored and FAILING fast...  Sure it was only the last day or so, but the dinners even in calorie count weren't stuff I'd normally get because it was through a drive-through and I was sitting A LOT, so my scale responded in kind and I frankly couldn't argue.

Parting words, if you fail to plan (FOR ALL FIVE Days, not just 3 plus) You will plan to Fail, so do yourself a favor. Make a meal plan, pre-cook for the crazy practice, PTA, church activity, carpool chase days, and make your program work better than mine did this week.  I did manage to kick the soda for the week which by itself is HUGE because I just like a Diet Mtn Dew to nurse all day :) But alas its done and my personal goal is to hit again this week, maybe even 2 more weeks and see if I can keep it up.  Learn from others, stick to your PLAN people, its a good way to roll.

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  1. I'm just impressed you had such a great system for the first few days! Traveling is tough!