Monday, March 13, 2017

Sharing my favorite work out!

DANCE! A few months ago I started a new dance class. I danced growing up but not competitively or anything...but I love dancing. I love to play JUST DANCE on the Wii and finding this dance class has been so fun! The dances are so fun, pretty easy, and a few of them are focused on doing legs or just arm work outs. So you get a good cardio work out...and build some strength! But I can't always get out to go to class. They have a ton of their dances recorded and on I sometimes just click on one song and then a bunch will play in a row. Or I've made a playlist on youtube of my favorites and I'll just play the whole playlist. So if you like to dance...or even if you just want a work out that is different than your usual. HERE YOU GO:

Here is one of my favorite dances:That's My Girl

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  1. I'll give it a try! We got the new just dance for the Xbox and i subscribed to the unlimited access for 3 months so I have all the dances from the previous games, it's so fun!