Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 1 Musings

Already one week down friends! It was fun reading everybody's introductions. There is always a lot of energy and enthusiasm at the start. Let's see if we can carry each other through as the days and weeks get a little tougher and more monotonous.

A few things I learned about myself while logging every bite of food again this week.

1. I have been eating a lot of treats during "snack" time. If I could switch those out for some fruits and veggies, I'd cut out 300-400 empty calories a day. Therefore-my personal goal this week is just that. Focus on fruits, veggies, and nuts for snacks. I'm still going to eat some treats each day. Because I'm not mentally prepared to give them up all together. But I will have a small treat (under 200 calories) with either lunch or dinner. And that's it!

2. I used to be a champion water drinker and I have really fallen off the wagon with that. I had to really focus to get all my water in this week. I am going to find a bottle that fits better in my car cup holder for this week so I can bring it with me wherever I go. I made the 64 oz. goal all but one day, but it was hard.

3. Exercising continues to be my sanity saver. Taking some time each day to regroup through physical activity keeps me happier, more emotionally balanced, and generally more productive. I was really sore after a tough workout this week, so I took it easy with a swim and lots of stretching the next day. And it just felt good to listen to my body and know that I am treating it well. I love the added bonus of getting points for it.

Hope everyone learned some good stuff that will help you through next week's work.

Carry on!

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  1. Sam's Club has awesome insulated Contigo water bottles right now that keep your water cold for a long time, I think they are in a 2 pack for $16