Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Stuff

I've been adding a quick 20-min workout to my regular stuff this week and I really like the variety. It's from a 15 day nutrition exercise competition  but you can YouTube all of the workouts and do them at home.  It was also spring break at the University where I work so I got Friday off and was able to go to a new class I've never been to, always nice to have someone else challenging you with something different!  And for whatever it's worth I have a huge fight getting my scale to move on a regular basis, but the last two weeks I've added a way protein shake and a snack to my meal plan,  plus WAY more water than I normally do and I've see my weight drop two weeks running which for me is pretty huge!! Prepping and pre-cooking food on Saturday sure has made weekly meal packing much easier!

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