Monday, March 6, 2017

I listened to a podcast this weekend.  The interviewer asked if the guy ever indulged in any sugar. He said of course, every now and then. Then he said "I'm all for dessert but the problem is if you're going to have breakfast cereal with orange juice and a Capri Sun, and a granola bar, and that's all before 3 o'clock, then you've got a problem." ... This is my problem! I tend to think all or nothing.  If I'm not cutting out sugar completely then I'm a sugar addict.  It's so easy for me to fail with this thought, so this idea of being "all for dessert" gave me some hope. I can have dessert if I don't eat processed sugar and junk food during the rest of the day (because that's like already having dessert all day… Not good for me).
Anyway, just some thoughts. Last week was good.  I just read through everyone's posts and feel a lot of encouragement and excitement about this challenge. Good luck to everyone!

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