Thursday, March 30, 2017

Week 5

We are going out of town for a long weekend this weekend - so I can't wait until the last minute to blog!! So far this week I have felt in control and happy. I have changed up some things in my diet and so far I have felt wonderful. It is HARD but worth it! I can feel the changes from the inside out.

I signed up for a Triathlon that will take place on August 26th. I'm very excited, but recognize how far I have to go regarding preparation! I am now swimming once a week, spinning once a week and running 1-2 times a week. Once it gets warmer I will add a bike ride outside. I really enjoy having a race to look forward to! It gives my workouts purpose and I'm much more driven and successful when able to sign up for events. AND it's super fun to get together with friends for some physical activity!!

I've enjoyed the challenge this week. I have had to plan ahead with my food, so I don't have anything left to eat after dinner. I like knowing I'm done and just start preparing for a new day! THANK YOU Stephanie for doing this competition! You are a super stah!!!

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  1. Your triathlon prep sounds like really good workouts that push you everyday. That's awesome!