Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Night!!

AH!!! I almost forgot to post on the blog! Throughout the week I thought about it several times, but never sat down to actually get it done!!! It's 10pm Sunday night - it still counts right?!?
This week I did two new work outs! One was a video I had never done. I liked it, but not sure I will repeat! The second was I went to the rec center of a neighboring town and took my boys to shoot hoops during their open gym time. I almost NEVER shoot hoops or play basketball when my boys go out to play - so this time I wanted to be part of the fun! We ran and jumped and played and made baskets and it was a blast!

Can't wait to see what next week brings! Last week was NOT stellar for me - and I'm back on top of my game this week! Grateful to be doing better mentally and physically - and ready to tackle another week!!!

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