Sunday, January 25, 2015


I don't do a lot of recipe prepping.  I don't have enough time, but I like to snack.  I get really hungry at 3:00 pm everyday regardless of what I've eaten for lunch.  Historically, I would treat myself to something salty and saturated fat-laden.  However, over the first two weeks of this challenge I've substituted either a Honeycrisp apple or a FiberOne Lemon Bar.  Both are in the 100 calorie ballpark and I find myself full (more so with the apple).  Eating the apple is tiring in itself and curbs my appetite for chewing and swallowing which may be as much a part as any caloric need I may have.

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  1. Fiber One is it? I have had the granola bars, but haven't tried those yet...and I love lemon!