Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Challenge: Accepted

Hi, y'all! My name is Delanie, I'm Steph's niece, and Patty's daughter. I was invited to do the wellness challenge and I'm here to say that I've accepted and that I'm ready to try this out!
I am a college student, so this should be an interesting ordeal trying to manage my time enough to work out, count calories, and blog about it. But I'm definitely going to try!



  1. You are awesome for doing it Delanie!!! You'll have to do some power walking from class to class to get more exercise points!!! You got this!!!

  2. Love your enthusiasm Delanie to take control! Balance can be such a tricky act...but you have taken the most important step in accepting! Mastering your health will only enhance your learn-ability! You will be amazing!

  3. We can do this together! Take the stairs and park far away :)