Monday, January 12, 2015

Hi! I'm Danielle!

Hi everyone!

I am Danielle, from Montana.  My husband and Stephanie's husband grew up together in Colorado and I met both Clark and Stephanie at BYU after I got married. 

I am doing this challenge to help me make healthy choices and lose weight!  I put on a lot of weight after...get this...I had a stroke at age 29 (just 10 months ago).  I had a stroke because I had an artery in my neck tear (and we have no idea why that happened, since I'm fairly active and healthy).  For 6 months I had to recover and do absolutely nothing and for my depression because of everything, I ate food.  So now that I can exercise again I am ready to go.  I have some numbers in my head I would like to reach and sizes I would like to fit into.  I have two cute little kids and I want to be active and healthy so I can be around them for such a long time.  I also have a goal of one day running a marathon.  I'm going to start my completing my first 10k in April or May (can't remember right now when my race is).

I am excited to be a part of this and to help others in their journey as well!

Good luck!



  1. Good for you Danielle! I still can't wrap my head around everything you went through, so crazy! You are amazing!

  2. A stoke . . . that is scary stuff!!! I am glad you are doing well now. What part of Montana are you from? I am from Missoula.