Monday, January 12, 2015

Drum roll please....bah ha ha ha

Here I am!!!! Megan Hopkins! I am way excited for this challenge!  Just had my 3rd kid 7 weeks ago and NEED to be motivated!  I used to live in Greeley, and Steph is one of my very best friends!  We now live in South Dakota....BRRRRRR!  We live in a tiny community of gym is a joke, and a high of 0 outside. So, I get to workout in my basement...woo hoo?  I am hoping this challenge will help me love my treadmill, shed some inches and feel great!  Good luck everyone!!! Hope we can make it through week 1!


  1. So glad you are in! You will be awesome! <3

  2. Yay Megan! You are already looking great for just having that baby less then 2 months ago!!! She was worth every pound too, cutest baby ever!

  3. Yay Megan! It's good to see you here! Hope you guys are doing good!