Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back again!

I am ready for more accountability again! I did pretty well over the holidays but I am looking forward for things to get back to normal and to not see tempting treats at every turn. I walked away from a cupcake at enrichment night tonight. Anyone who knows me will know this is a big deal!

I am LauriAnn, a high school friend of Stephanie's. I live in Boise and have four kids, Madison, 10, Hayes, 8, Pierce, 2, and McKinley, 6 months. I lost 9 pounds in the last challenge and a ton of inches! I also am running at the fastest pace ever (still on the slower side) and have more muscle than ever!  I want to lose 5 pounds this time which will put me at my pre-pregnancy weight.  I gained a whopping 50 pounds during this last pregnancy and was worried I would never lose it all, but the end is in sight.

Good luck to everyone!


  1. You are doing awesome! And you have a 10 year old?! That just seems crazy

  2. Awesome that you are so close to your pre-pregnancy weight! I need a couple more of these challenges to get that close! Ha ha! Good luck!