Monday, January 12, 2015

I volunteer as tribute...

I'm Amy, and as you can see, I have an adorable granddaughter. This picture was taken last week (with my husband, aka Papa Hawk). Our six children are grown, and we have three beautiful grandchildren. We moved from California to rural Missouri 6 months ago to help care for aging parents, post stroke. Consequently, it has also been 6 months since I have well, really (intentionally) exercised.  Prior to the move, it was a grueling year long process to take control of my health.  I had lost 50 lbs, was in remission (lupus), and was going to the gym 3 to 5 times a week. I am sad to say, I am almost halfway back to where I started from...
Motivation has been difficult. Instead of giving you all the excuses of how far we are from a gym, (aka civilization),...the type of menu I have to cook for my mom etc., after reading some of your posts, I feel renewed.
I am excited to not be in this place alone! For an added measure of support my husband, (whom I adore) has agreed to do this with me along with my two beautiful daughters!! I am grateful for your stories, successes, goals and positive life changing habits.
My goals for the challenge are to re-incorporate healthy habits I've 'misplaced' as well as making them "life long" habits, lose 20 lbs., which I know will result in more energy, less pain and living happier, longer.
My personal goal this week is to focus on positive motivation, everyday. EVERYDAY. 
So, with all that said, as we begin these healthy 'hunger' games, I volunteer as tribute...(my will that is), to be a better, stronger, healthier & ultimately happier me. 
I look forward to small successes that will make a difference. 

Let the games begin...and may the odds be ever in your favor!


  1. Oh my gosh...I loved your post...especially the end! I'm still smiling!!

  2. Awesome Amy! I really did start feeling like the game maker from the Hunger Games as I came up with the group challenges each week! You'll do awesome!!!