Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'm Steve, Ashley's trophy husband. Ashley really just wanted to do this challenge so we could use our winnings to hire a photographer for my "Fun in the Sun" spring photo shoot and order an OG speedo instead of wearing one of those knock-off brands like I have in the past. Also in years past I couldn't afford to get a real bikini wax, I just did it myself chicano style with a roll of duct tape, so that will be nice too. Anyways, it'll be nice competing with all of you folks out there in cyberland, maybe someday we could meet for realsies! 
With big love,

The Steve


  1. New rule: no "fun on the sun" photos allowed on the blog!

  2. go Stevo!!!! Have fun in that speedo!!!!But not at my house!!!!! Enough is enough!!!!!

  3. We're having fun and it's begun now that THE Steve is here