Sunday, January 18, 2015

End of week 1

I live in Greeley and love the accountability and support of these challenges. I always stick with it until the end and do pretty well, but have yet to come in as one of the winners. However, I maintain that everyone who keeps with it is a winner. Right? At least that's what I tell myself so I can justify paying for it every time.

I had foot surgery a week before Christmas and am hoping to be on the road to running again in a few weeks. I also have a goal to do a triathlon this year, so I'll see you at the pool Cindy.

My goals this time around are:
     - get every exercise point (this is particularly hard for me when I can't run yet, which is what I'd prefer to be doing most of the time).
     -get back to maintenance weight within the first two weeks (was a little too sedentary and treat happy over the break).
     -help my kids be active even though it's cold and crummy and we're not doing any organized sports until March.


  1. Glad your recovery seems to be going ok. Early morning swimming has been less exciting without you and Elise there! Hope you get to start up again soon!

  2. Let me know the fun activities you are doing with your kids, we have a lot of energy here and no where to put it!