Saturday, January 24, 2015

Challenge in the Challenge

Did you say you are a light eater?Yea, when it is light outside, I start eating.... 

This is my caption for my appetite this week :)

I just want to honor you all with the privilege of hearing me rant each week: The attached rant is letting you all in on my life with secret details of my 3 roommates :)

I am in college and my roommates this semester are all engaged, so I can easily say I am the 7th constant wheel in my apartment haha! But this is a true story: They make three different meals (one per couple) each night and when I get home from work, I have three left over meals to choose from ha. And LET ME JUST SAY, I don't always just pick one. 

My brother and I are training for a half marathon in Las Vegas, I love to run and and am trying to work my way back up to running 13 miles without stopping. I made it to seven the other night but I am sure the quantity of food I eat is not helping! If anyone has any advice on how to say NO to foods please enlighten me! Diet is always my struggle during these challenges so I totally appreciate all of the recipes you all post! 
For my recipe:
I do this when I have a sweet tooth:
I take sugar free pudding (usually chocolate) make it as the package says and then get fat free whipped cream and layer them with sliced bananas in between.... YUM!

Happy Challenging!

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  1. Yikes on all the Love going on in your apartment, but yay for the free meals! Take advantage of that one for sure!