Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snack Favs

Some of my favorite snacks are:

One package Kroger Greek Yogurt. I get these at King Sooper's. They are usually about 79 cents each if I catch them on sale. If I worked out super hard and am having a hard time getting to the next meal I will add to this snack a kid size clif bar. These are sold in bulk at Sam's Club. My kids like them, I like that they are small and pack a yummy punch.

Before I work out I enjoy combining a banana with a teaspoon of peanut butter. I can handle getting up at the butt crack of dawn a little easier knowing I get some of this yummy stuff.

I enjoy a half cup of low fat cottage cheese with half a banana or any type fruit. I love cottage cheese so will often use this as a go to snack. It is high in protein and my body responds will to a high protein diet.

This isn't a snack, but my 'trick' for passing on the afternoon munchies is to pop a piece of cinnamon gum in my mouth. I need to use this 'trick' more often...but when I is a lot easier to avoid the afternoon treats that call my name.

Hope everyone is having a great second week. I'm looking forward to another week of healthy success!

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