Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Healthy Choice for lunch

So I am not sharing a Healthy recipe...although I was making taco soup and thinking it's really pretty healthy and easy to make...until you add to many chips...  So this time I counted the chips and actually had leftovers!
Anyway...My struggle is healthy lunches.  I leave my house at 11:50 to go to work.  I never am thinking of lunch at that time of day (Just how many loads of laundry still need done)!  So I run to the fridge and search for leftovers while I quickly make ramen noodles for the kids!!! (I know AWESOME MOM) I've even tried buying bags of salad for my lunch but my kids eat that as a snack(I know salad as snack WHAT).  So I found that green giant and birds eye make steam fresh veggies with rice and noodle. They are a pretty low calorie lunch.  I love the one that is green beans and red potatoes.  This way I get extra veggies in and it is quick!! Sometimes being healthy takes planning ahead..(Not my thing)!!  This helps me.  I will be trying some of your recipes.  Thanks!

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