Sunday, September 27, 2015

Keep on swimming...

This week I chose no eating after 8 and calorie counting. It went pretty well. I did have some trouble with exercising because sometimes my knee just can't take it and I have to give it a rest. So I didn't get my full exercise points, darn it! The weight has SLOWLY been coming off, but it's what I expected with not being physically able to bang out high calorie burning workouts every day. I can get a about 3 of those in and then I have to embrace the low-impact workouts. I'm not going to lie and say that doesn't bother me. But you do what you gotta do!


  1. You're doing a good job. No sense in straining or injurinng the knee further. I too have difficulty with the high impact stuff but I have found if it gets sore, I ice it and go easy the next day.

    I have noticed that my legs have become even stronger since doing my program more consistently. Around 6 days rather then 3-4 a week. In phyiscal therapy last year I was told that slowly strengtheningthe legs would alleviate a lot of that pressure in the knee joint.

    Here is to hoping it completely stops bothering us for good in the future .

  2. What have you found for low impact that you enjoy?

  3. YouTube =}
    There are some good yoga, Pilates, stretch videos on there. I found yoga/Pilates not to be my favorite but the stretch is great and helps relieve some of that pressure in the joints.

    So what I have been doing is getting my turbofire workouts in daily. Depending on the video length I will follow with a hiit workout. The next day I will alternate with the yoga/Pilates stretch.

  4. I know swimming is a great alternative for injured joints. However. I won't go near a swim suit ={