Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 4 Standings and Prize Video

Wow!  This challenge is flying along!  Keep up the good work everyone!  Feel free to share any success you are seeing on the blog to help keep us all motivated.  A huge shout-out to you 4 ladies tied for first place that have not missed one single point so far!  Elise, Jenni, Nicole and Susan!!!

Here are the results after Week 4:
(I'm waiting for Linsey's Week 3 and Karen J.'s and Mary's Week 4....when you send them in I'll add them to your scores)

1.  Elise             376
1.  Jenni            376
1.  Nicole          376
1.  Susan          376
2.  Cheree         370
3.  Karen L.      368
4.  Sariah          366

5.  Sarah           362
6.  Jessica        356
7.  Artesia        355
8.  Heather        350
9.  Stephanie    339
10.  LauriAnn     321
11.  Roxana       315

So my boys and I have made a lot of prize videos over the past challenges...but this one stretched our creativity to a whole new level!  We had too much fun.  So without further ado, here is the Week 4 Prize Winner of the $10 Target gift card:

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