Monday, September 7, 2015

Life Saver

Almost all summer long I have had a very difficult time drinking the tap water from my house. I would try to explain to my husband that it tasted moldy and I was literally having to gag it down. After a bit of snooping online I think the tap water is a victim of algal bloom, as explained in this article -

Basically, in the warm summer months, algae grows in the local water sources. By the time it reaches our homes, all of the growth and nastiness has been cleaned out - but NOT the taste. So its safe to drink, just really gross tasting. I guess some people are more sensitive to the taste than others.

But I still had a problem, even though I know its safe for me to drink, I really would rather not drink water that tastes like licking a shower tile that hasn't been scrubbed in a few. And I didn't want to add additive after additive to make it palatable. So we got a water cooler!

So fancy right? ;) Anyway, I owe all of my success to this last challenge of water/milk only to the water cooler.  I have to say, not having a daily coke zero with my lunches this week was actually nice. When I decided to treat myself after my success on it's completion, my vanilla coke zero didn't taste very nice at all. I don't see myself going back to a daily coke habit. Which is funny, because I used to go for YEARS without a soda. I don't know what happened! 

Also, for my personal challenge, I decided to adopt the following cleaning schedule to see how it went - 

I am a task oriented person who functions very well with lists. But if I don't have a physical to do list and some sort of structure, I flounder and end up running around very busy but not really accomplishing anything.

I found this particular  schedule something that fit very well into our daily routine. I feel much more accomplished at the end of the day. 

Hope everyone found their groove this week and is kicking butt! 



  1. Oh man I hear ya on the water. We were raised on fresh well water that was so good, and no city has been as good as MT water, but Greeley water seems to have a dirt and mold taste to it. The licked shower tile also provided me with a nice visual haha.

  2. Have you kept up with your cleaning calendar? I've been looking for one myself...

  3. For the most part I have! I had to play catch up because I got a migraine on one of the days and so took a nap instead of cleaning. But life just happens sometimes.