Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Sometimes I just can't handle thinking for myself. The idea of planning and measuring out food this last week was KILLING me, so I cheated. I picked one of these things up at Wal-Mart - 

I know in general it is not the most flavorful and natural way to eat. But sometimes, if it comes down to jumping ship or eating a prepackaged and pre-calorie counted meal, I will do it. I don't plan on living off of these things during the entirety of this challenge. But I do plan to have a few options on hand when I am brought to the brink (you know what I'm talking about). Are there better choices out there? Well yeah, but this one has cookies.  

This week my personal challenge was to stop eating before 7. I know there have been recent studies that say it doesn't matter, weight loss wise, if you eat that ice cream at noon or at midnight. However, night snacking is a slippery slope for me. If I start eating in the evening, there is a high chance I will not stop. I figured it was best just to put down the fork and back out of the kitchen at a prescribed time.  

I hope everyone's first week treated them well. This no soda challenge for me will be interesting, as I enjoy a delicious and ice cold carbonated beverage on a hot and sweaty day. 



  1. Love your personal goal...it will be a group challenge later on for sure!

  2. Do what you gotta do. . . And enjoy those cookies.