Friday, September 25, 2015

Sooooooooo Sore

AND YES, You MUST look angry while doing these exercises!

So this week I tried 2 new classes at the YMCA.  I tried Y-Firm, which included 16 sets of 20 second wall sits...ouch!

AND NO, This would not be me!
And then today I tried TRX.  I loved it!  I may not be able to walk in the morning, but it was a great class.  I was surprised because even though there wasn't a lot of "cardio" my heart rate was at a high level the entire workout.  I could not do any of the core exercises at all without major modifications.  It's tough to plank with your feet off the ground!

I'm excited to get going with this class a few days a week and build some strength.

Any other TRX fans out there?

P.S.  Thanks to everyone for sharing healthy recipes last week.  I did all my meal planning this week with new ideas from all of you.  Heather's minestrone soup fed me for 5 different meals, and it was delicious!  Also, the peanut butter yogurt dip!  YUM!  I haven't tried everything yet, but I'm looking forward to more recipe trying.

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  1. I have tried TRX, and really really is a love hate relationship! Haha