Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I had a really hard time with not eating late. My husband won't quit working until there is no daylight left to accomplish any farm work and since supper is the only meal we eat together I have gotten in to the habit of having a complete meal sometime after 8pm.  I tried eating earlier and then just pushing around some veggies while he ate at his usual time w/o much success.  Who wants to push veggies around when there is a cake waiting to be cut? Wish I could go back to my childhood; my dad worked nights so our routine was supper at 5 pm.  At the time I hated to quit playing with my friends to go eat, but the rule was if you weren't in your chair before the blessing you didn't eat that meal.  That was a much healthier way to live.  Hmm, how could I change 50 years of husband's work habits?

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