Saturday, September 19, 2015

One of my healthier go to recipes ( if you can call it that) would be my shredded chicken salad.  I loveeee chicken, shredded/you name it. It's just easy to slow cook (  or pressure cook ) it and have it just fall apart. I always toss in garlic powder, black pepper, and some lemon pepper to taste.

Once chicken is finished I just toss it onto some lettuce of choice, half of an avocado, bit of shredded cheese and lemon or lime juice to toss in. You can adjust quantity and add veggies of choice, For me I just love the lemony taste with this. I tend to eyeball it and not really follow a lot of recipes unless it is necessary. But it is filling. You can forgo the cheese ( if you are just totally strange that way lol.) Who doesn't love cheese!?

If you have to have dressing, I hear greek yogurt makes for a great sour cream substitute. =)

Veggies of choice for me would be corn, peppers, and spinach to spruce it up.

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