Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 1 Standings and Prize Winner

Great job on Week 1!  Wow!  So many of you with perfect points.  Keep up the good work, and don't get discouraged...just take it one week at a time!

Here are the standings after Week 1:

1.  Cheree         94
1.  Elise             94
1.  Heather        94
1.  Jenni            94
1.  Karen L.      94
1.  LauriAnn     94
1.  Mary            94
1.  Nicole          94
1.  Susan           94
2.  Sarah           92
2.  Sariah          92
3.  Stephanie    89
4.  Artesia        88
5.  Jessica        87
6.  Roxana       78
7.  Linsey        75
8.  Karen J.     56

I'm still waiting to get money from a few more people and then I will let you know what the prizes will be at the end.  Hopefully by this Friday when I send out the group email I can let you all know.  If you sent me a check I will deposit those early next week when I receive them all.

Watch this video to find out who won the Week 1 Prize ($5 Subway gift card).  And remember to get all your exercise points this week (25) to be eligible for the Week 2 prize drawing!

I'm sure this will motivate you to go out and shred Week 2!


  1. Bahaha! That video was impressive! Hehe!

  2. Is that home gym in your new house? Sweet!

    Thanks for the laughs! We were the Orem High School Tigers, so this song holds a special place in my heart. Think every pep rally, assembly, end of year video montage . . .Ah yes, such a great song!

    1. Yes! This is the home gym and treadmill our sweet neighbors gave us before we moved!

    2. I'm wondering if your alma mater now uses Katy Perry's tiger song over the Rocky anthem? At least they've got options now!