Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cross Fit Hangover

I always start Monday off with gusto and then my exercise habits and diet slowly slides as the week progresses.  However, I hit Monday waaaaaay too hard this week.  I did a 30 minute cross fit class during my lunch and then my normal Zumba routine after work.  I literally almost died!  My body hurt in places I didn't even knew I had.  Because of this I skipped my work outs on Tuesday and Wednesday forcing me to work out this weekend.  You know what the kids and I loved you-tubing 80's step aerobics videos and Zumba taught by real Latinas.  There is this constant challenge of being a role model for my kids with healthy eating and working out and being exhausted and taking the easy street, sigh. 

The real test is do I go back to cross fit tomorrow?!  

1 comment:

  1. Artesia! We had such a similar week, except my killer class was TRX and not Crossfit. I also had to take Tuesday off, and just walked on my treadmill on Wednesday. In fact, at one point Tuesday I was so sore that when my family gathered for nightly prayers upstairs I begged them to come back down and meet me on the landing. The thought of going up 10 more stairs was way to painful!

    I say, if you liked Crossfit...GO BACK! I'm heading back to TRX in the morning!