Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I have started attending the Body Pump class at the gym and I LOVE IT! I have gone 3 times and had a different instructor each time. They have all been fantastic! I was super embarrassed today to show up 5 minutes late. They had already started. I did NOT want to walk across the entire room of strangers to get my gear and work out - but I did anyway. It was painful, but I was glad I went and did it! I am always wasted after those classes! It is basically weight lifting - doing each major muscle group - in a class setting. It is awesome. I'm going to keep going so I can get toned up and build more muscle!!

I know there is only a few more weeks left of the challenge. I've not lost as much weight as I'd hoped....but I'm still in this! I've already decided to continue with goals and healthy eating after the challenge ends. I will need to keep working in order to reach my goals! Good luck everyone! Be STRONG!

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