Monday, October 26, 2015


I fee like I have been missing in action the past couple weeks. There has been too much on my plate. So I chose the pets of the challenge that I could manage and let some of the other stuff go.

I have kept up my exercise and logging my food. I have made sure to get enough sleep and drank plenty of water. This week I am going to do some of the group challenges that I let go over the challenge. I bombed the no sweets last week, so this week I am doing it! I have a huge bowl of fruit and a ton of veggies that were leftover  for munching that I brought home from a wedding open house. Prep work complete!

I'm also going to have only healthy snacks, they seem to go together well. Lastly I'll replace one meal a day with a protein shake or green smoothie.

Happy last week everybody and good luck.

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