Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 9 Results and Prize Winner

There are a lot of you I didn't hear from this week, so send me your scores sooner than later!!!  We are down to the final 2 days!!!  I will be sending out an email tonight with instructions for the final weigh-in.  There will be 5 cash prizes at the end (they are on the side bar of the blog if you need a reminder).  The final scores will be posted on Sunday, the following week all of the prizes (top 5 winners) and all previous weekly winners will be sent out.

Week 9 Results:

1.  Nicole          846  
1.  Susan          846
2.  Jenni            843
3.  Cheree         833  
4.  Artesia       808
5.  Sarah           805
6.  Jessica        794
7.  Elise            766
8.  Heather       754
9.  Roxanna      737
10.  Linsey         632

Here is the Week 9 Prize Winner ($10 CASH)

There's no video today, but you can sing in your song the 80's song..."I'm so excited...I just can't hide it."  I'm so excited this challenge is coming to an end!!!

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  1. Do you realize you are not on the list??? Did you drop out??