Sunday, October 4, 2015

Boot Camp for a sore booty

I joined Work Out West a few months ago, just because I had seemed to lose the motivation for at home workouts and needed a change. I chose WoW because they had a good variety of classes for me to try.

Thus far I have been avoiding the boot camp style classes because I was worried about copious amounts of running and other high impact exercises and the effect they would have on my knee.

But I bucked up and finally tried a boot camp class on Saturday.  Yes, my knee is currently sore and a little swollen. The muscles in my butt and legs are very very sore! But I think if I stick with a once a week boot camp I'll be able to manage my knee issues. And maybe if the muscles around my knees strengthen up enough I'll be able to do some more!

I also recently switched up my pilates class with a sculpting class just because I felt I needed a higher calorie burn - and I'm also in my second week of tap lessons! So lots of changes for me in the body movin' area.

I also have the Tracy Anderson Mat workout and some other mat/barre inspired workout DVD's if any of you local gals are interested. :)

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