Thursday, October 22, 2015

"The Cow Loves Cookies"

How appropriate that this is one of the books my son brought to me to read to him tonight! I love cookies too!!!! And really kind of want A LOT of them right now! I am totally struggling this week, a good struggle though (I guess) I must have really needed this because apparently I have a problem! I have been saved by the fruit bowl many times this week, and thankfully have one more day to keep busy, I mean stay strong. Thankfully I hadn't bought any Halloween candy yet, for obvious reasons, it doesn't stay in the bowl. If (when to be positive; )) I make it through, this will be my biggest victory for this challenge. Certainly harder than one and done, and brought out the fact that I really needed this one.
A couple of things I have also learned and tried to work on this challenge is protein intake and heart rate zones. Getting enough protein can be a huge contributer to muscle building which also enables fat burning. Working the right heart rate zone is often hard as well because I like to be able to workout hard, sweat, and feel like I really accomplished something, but different zones offer different benefits. So I try to workout at different zones throughout the week so I can get a little bit of everything whether it be increasing performance capacity, improving aerobic fitness, improving endurance and helping recovery, or boosting metabolism.

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