Friday, October 2, 2015

This group challenge is usually my favorite one, and I get it done early in the week, but Friday finally made it happen for me. I used YouTube and found a slimdown cardio workout with Chris Frytag. It was a kickboxing workout that I felt wasn't really bringing it for me, but because I started it I decided I'd better finish it or I may not find time later to get my workout in. Then later while hanging out on Pinterest I found myself distracted searching for workout "stuff" (which is what I do when one to many dessert recipes show up. I figure pinning workouts MUST counteract the calories that I absorb by looking at all those treats :) I found the p90x3 workouts. The one I did was just 10 minutes, but I'm sure I will be coming back for more. They are the kind of workouts that you can feel the burn on almost every move. I also found a "get rid of the mom tummy" workout with quite a few v sit type stuff that I have always struggled with. I am sure I need to fit that into my workouts here and there for the next month or so to see if I can actually improve rather than cry my way through it.

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