Thursday, October 29, 2015

I hope everyone had personal success!!

So here I am in Vernal and usually there are not to many participants from town.  This time there have been four or five. Anyway I ran into one yesterday.... I about started crying!!! Sarah looks so good! I had to stop putting myself down because I have had my own personal success.  I can't compare to others!!  I hope everyone has found their own success...We all win in one way or another!!  Congrats to everyone!! Hope to see you next round!

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  1. Wow Jenni!!! You are so nice! I feel like I've failed more than I've succeeded during this challenge. It's easier to notice the failure I guess. I'm going to stop doing that. So reading what you said was really nice and I think I needed it.
    Also I'm SO mad at myself because I was going to mention in my post that I saw you at the library and how good I thought you looked. I wish I had written it because it's so true. I'm not just saying that. Wish we had talked more. Oh and thanks for not mentioning how I was eating Halloween candy ;)