Sunday, October 4, 2015

Food...I ate too much food

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Utah.  I was able to attend a wedding of a groom I had the privilege of knowing 12 years ago when I served a mission in Romania.  His whole family came for the wedding and it was an awesome event!  I was able to spend time with them leading up to the wedding, taking them around Salt Lake City.  I was happy that I could still communicate in Romanian.  I have to admit that in order for me to lose weight I really have to put my mind to head has been elsewhere as I have been planning and preparing for this trip.  While on my trip I'm confident I gained at least 5 pounds.  I pretty much ate out for every meal and didn't really worry too much about calories.  I logged every bite, and it wasn't pretty.  Luckily we walked around a lot everyday and usually I was pushing a double stroller with at least 2 hopefully that balanced out a few of the extra treats.

So here's to ending the challenge on a better note!  No snacks for me starting tomorrow.

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