Monday, October 19, 2015

Actually, I can!

So this challenge has helped me realize a lot of things but the main thing is this So simple yet so true. I try to not let my excuses take over. I thought i needed 1 more day of exercise for the week yesterday, however, i was in the er with my daughter twice for HOURS at a time. I got there at 10 and left at 2 went back by 6 ish and left after 10. They thought she had appendicitis but its just an intestinal infection. I was fast walking in the room and doing other things to get my workout in. Come to find out, i didnt need the work out! I had 5 other workouts! I'm not letting myself use my excuses that i used to! I am trying my hardest and forgiving myself when I screw up. I am learning more about caloric intake and what kind of exercise works for my body! I may not have lost near the weight i had wanted to, but i have lost weight and inches and i am very proud and impressed with myself for what i have lost!

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