Thursday, October 8, 2015

Healthy Snacks

This is the week challenge that makes me realize how bad I am at actually eating a meal (with the the exception of dinner). I often snack all day long, but don't necessarily eat a meal all at once, so fruits and veggies for snacks makes me really have to pay attention to what I snack on throughout the day. My personal goal this week is to eat only one sugary treat a day, which also means it can't be a snack. It has been helpful to make me go for other things than the sugar that I usually want, and so far I have only had one this week (which if you know me is pretty dang good especially since I have pumpkins that need to be used, so I had to Pinterest healthy things to do with them ; ) I have also been trying to eat more protein since your body needs about your weight in grams of protein a day in order to build muscle rather than just maintain. I have defiantly meal planned a little bit better, and feel full longer, but also have been forgetting the fiber (whoops!) I forget what these little changes in your diet can do to the digestive tract.

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