Thursday, February 19, 2015

Say no to drugs. and orange chicken.

I was at work today and each month we have an employee potluck. In my small college town,  I work with people who are all married with homes, an income, and kitchens. This makes the potlucks include real food and not strictly Oreo's or jello haha

So today they brought Chinese food... and yes they did have my weakness, orange chicken. But as my mother taught me to say no to drugs, Stephanie has taught me to make healthy choices so I said no to the potluck and had my typical salad for lunch. This may seem like a weird thing to post about but it was one of those moments where you think to yourself, "Did I just really say no thank you to that glorious Asian cuisine from Heaven?"

Hope ya'll are feeling the strength training burn this week! Use the motivation to work off the Valentines desserts!


  1. Oh I want orange chicken!! Way to be strong Emma!

  2. I hope you are still saying no to drugs! :)