Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gratitude for Health

Last night I had what we are assuming is a crazy reaction to an antibiotic.  It attacked my joints.  I was in so much pain this morning I couldn't lift my arms to brush my hair, get my 2 year old out of his car seat, or straighten my legs.  It was awful!  I was pretty scared...luckily after a steroid I'm feeling better tonight...and hoping that was all it was.  It made me so grateful for a body that can function.  Regardless of all the changes I would like to make, I'm so grateful for health, and a chance to get healthier.

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  1. Your attitude in the face of painful unknown events is to say the least, inspiring! As This was scary to read! I am so glad you are okay!! As I started reading your post my mind went to my first symptoms of lupus, and how frightening it was to not know what was going on with my body and manipulate the simplest of tasks without severe pain. The scariest realm is always the unknown! Thank you for reminding me, after a painful, self pitying morning, of the blessings of the times in remission. :)