Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don't Read...It's Just Whining.

This week I've kept on track. I've done what I needed to do with the challenge, but with a bad attitude. Here's the catch....I have kids. This week, when my workout class changed from 6am to 5am (boo!!) I still attended. However, that 4:20am came after kids woke me up at 1am and 3:45am one morning, and then I was woken up at 3am the following early morning before class. This is a rare occasion for my kids to get out of bed, as they usually appreciate their sleep like me. I know I shouldn't complain when I usually do get quality sleep, but seriously, anytime I have to be in bed early, or up early, something strikes. Oh well, enough whining. Have a great week everyone! My class has changed back to 6am so I'm going to have a better one.


  1. Man you are such a drama queen! Ha ha my he one time this week I was going to get up to exercise McKinley beat me to it. It must be a kid conspiracy.

  2. Holy cow! What class is worth a 4:20 wake up call!?