Friday, February 13, 2015


I have a serious weakness for cookies. So far the goal this week of only one serving of treat per day hasn't been too challenging, mostly because I haven't bought any candy or been to any Valentine's events. On Wednesday, my 3 year old had a Valentine's party at her preschool and came home with a plate full of frosted sugar cookies that she decorated. We went straight to the gym after I picked her up and that plate of cookies stared at me the whole drive. After exercising, I stayed strong and continued to resist the siren's call and went home to eat a healthy lunch. All afternoon they watched me from the kitchen counter as I went about my tasks. I am proud to say that I resisted those cookies until after dinner, when I let myself have one. And they weren't even as good as I had hoped so I was able to avoid eating the rest of them. I let my daughter do that. :) Stay strong friends!


  1. Counters are awful for things like cookies! I have to put them in a cupboard out of sight out of mind. Way to stay strong!

  2. Good Job!! Cookies are my weakness for sure too!!