Monday, February 16, 2015

New week, new chance, feeling strong?

I join the chorus of gladness that the one and done, is dun dun dun! Excited for a new week and a new challenge.  It will definitely be different to attempt strength training, with out access to a gym. Goin' it old school I guess. So thankful for this past week and a visit from a few of my most favorite people in the world, my grandchildren and my daughter Megan! She is amazing, as most of you probably know! As poor Megan is dealing (at the other grammas') with a possible child who has contracted flu, I am really feeling some major sympathy for her, and Darren!  I'm hoping it clears up fast and doesn't spread to any others. I can't imagine a 10 hour car ride home with the flu in tow! Uggh. So grateful for health this morning.
Emma has given me an extra kick this morning with an added challenge! I love that! Motivation is definitely a fine line for today, when I really needed it, an extra push from Emma was inspired! So thank you to her!
I enjoy the stories of success and struggle. It helps to know we are not alone in the battle.
I do much better in segmenting my day, and taking each section in stride. I don't always win the whole day, but there are always battles conquered and I am left feeling stronger.
My health has been a battle for 2 weeks or so. Too many aches and fevers. It makes the days I do feel good, so much sweeter!
So health and strength to everyone this week! Lets win some more battles in this race!
Good luck this week to all!

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  1. So true about the chocolate bar. After one and done I am digging deep to find that strength . . . tomorrow (today I am ruined!)