Sunday, February 1, 2015

No Pain No Gain

The Pain of Gain -

Maybe I started too fast, but I've been hit with shin splints in one of my legs that have made it hard to continue my treadmill workouts.  Luckily we had some sunshine yesterday that allowed me to go for a nice bike ride.  These are the unforeseen challenges in becoming fitter.  Isn't it hard enough to motivate myself to workout every day? Now I have to do it knowing it hurts.  I'm hoping to stay motivated while doing lower impact exercises while trying to not obsess on the speed bump.



  1. Try the seven minute workout it's an app on your phone it builds muscle and get your heart rate up while giving your shins a break
    Lori Mills

  2. I would rather be on a bike than on the tread mill!! Sounds like a good excuse to me not to run but to ride. I however love to bike as you can see.