Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hopping Time Zones

So far my hardest weeks were the last few. I never realized how often I snack and rarely eat a full meal until we were challenged to only healthy snacks. I found myself eating like a pig during meals just so I could make it to the next meal with out feeling like I was starving. I have also been traveling a bit which makes fruits and vegetables harder to come by, or requires a bit more planning, The time changes have also been a little harder to adjust to 7 hours of sleep and making sure I get enough water. I am quite excited for the exercise challenge instead of a dietary one, because I feel the dietary challenges require a lot more effort on my part.
Over all I feel this challenge has been a good push for me to get back into working out and I feel so much better with all of the sleep and water I have been getting. I am still always up for a workout buddy though if anyone is interested : )

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