Monday, February 2, 2015


I eat out too much. It's too easy and convenient. My goal this week is to prep lunches for me so I have no excuse to go buy a salad at Panera (why do they have a drive through???? Why why why...) I'd love it if people shared their go to breakfasts and lunches.


  1. Oh boy, I completely sympathize with the panera drive through!!! I have to pretend greeley never got a panera, and then I'm ok. My lunches are nothing special, just pb&j or ham and cheese sandwiches plus an apple. Good luck!!

  2. I love eggs for breakfast. It makes me feel full longer.
    For lunch I do a lot of salads. If I have time I try to make some chicken to go with it. If I'm in a hurry I'll do deli turkey on it, or even hummus to add some protein. I like the Asian salad kit from Sam's Club to mix in with my other greens.
    I also found some Panera balsamic dressing at Sam's Club...makes the salads so yummy!