Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 2 Results and Prize Winner

This is an all star group of challengers!  Nice work everyone!  Here are the results after Week 2:

1.  Ashley         188
1.  Cindy           188
1.  Elise             188
1. James            188
1.  Jenni F.        188
1.  Jennifer J.    188
1.  Mary C.       188
1.  Weston        188
2.  Clark           187
3.  Katie            186
3.  Stephanie    186
3.  Patty            186
4.  Mary G.       185
5.  Megan         183
6.  Melanie        180
7.  Sam              178
7.  Steve            178
7.  LauriAnn      178
8.  Sarah            175
9.  Joe                 147

If I didn't hear from you this week, send me your points as soon as you can and I will add them to the running total for next week.

Here is our prize winner for Week 2:

Disclaimer:  This video in no way proves that I secretly watch the Bachelor late at night while folding laundry.


  1. Looks just like King Taco!! I hope he excepts the Rose. And gets a hair cut... and comes to visit...and shows up at the dinosaur roundup rodeo.

  2. I just can't believe he didn't look at me (Pluto) in the eyes! I'm shocked! We had such a strong connection. What does he see in Weston? I mean he's not even here for the right reasons. 😩😫😖

  3. Loved it!! Especially the choice of music! I can go the distance! Awesome work!!

  4. Haha! Following up on this challenge because you create some awesome entertainment!!!

    1. We miss you this time around! Hope you're doing well!