Friday, January 22, 2016

Healthy Snacking

One of the things I am working on this challenge is to snack wisely. I thought I would compile a list of healthy snack ideas and hopefully this will help someone. 

Apple slices with a nut butter (if you have a problem with portion control try single-serving packets of nut butters from Justin's) 
Wheat thins with laughing cow cheese wedge 
Greek yogurt with fresh fruit (I usually buy the plain Greek yogurt from Costco and occasionally Noosa. It is SOOOOO good) 
Hummus and baby carrot sticks 
Cottage cheese topped with fruit 
Celery sticks with peanut butter
Cheese stick 
Handful of nuts (go for in the shell pistachios so you have to work for them!) 
Hard boiled egg 
Frozen grapes 
Single serving tuna fish in a pouch
Dark chocolate 

Happy Snacking!! 


  1. Thanks for this list. I need to print up a snack list and hang it in my pantry.
    By the way, what is Noosa?

  2. Stephanie- its just a brand of Yogurt made in Colorado actually and its so tasty...but a little pricey